Triple S Ranch

We started our herd with high quality females, from the top 100 Angus sires (top 10%) using Artificial Insemination going back many generations. We then select sires for each female to make the best quality calves.

Our Goal: Every calf should be BETTER than her mother

Calving Ease - Low Birth Weight

High Wean or Yearling Weight

High Milk Quality

Docility - We cull “Any Attitude”

$BEEF Value


Happy healthy cows have have been carefully paired with exception bulls, deliver calves that are born alive and that grow into hearty easy keepers. Bull calves are sold to improve Angus and other breed commercial herds. Since we breed for the best, our female calves are in high demand.

Damn Good Lookin’ Cows

We like them healthy and content. It’s no joke that happy cows make better mothers and produce higher quality milk.

100% Humane Handling

We dont hit or yell at our cattle. We take a little extra time to make sure they are not stressed during handling. We follow Temple Grandin’s philosophy of Humane Livestock Handling. This keeps cattle calmer and humans safer.

Triple S Ranch - home of Hollywood Lake

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